We know communication and team building are important keys of any successful team or business. We both have corporate work experience as well as experience within fine arts. We believe there is a huge gap in cultivating creativity within business settings. We’re passionate about bringing creativity into work environments and helping people solve problems in effective, out-of-the-box ways. We combine tactical corporate knowledge with powerful creative analogies that result in a unique and memorable experience that promotes exciting results.

Lee Ann Lander, Teaching artist & Speaker

Lee Ann has spent 20+ years in corporate America and became a self taught artist and photographer 8 years ago out of a basic need and yearning to be creative in a child like way. One of the most unexpected and interesting outcomes of that, plus discovering art later in life, is her ability to see analogies of team building and leadership aspects within the creative process.

Raygan Barrett, Teaching artist, FOUNDER

& PREVIOUS OWNER of Picassos Art Studio

Raygan spent 20+ years working in graphic design and marketing and left it behind to get back to the roots of her creativity. An artist and entrepreneur, she founded Picassos, a Fine Arts, Process Based Studio for all ages in 2015. She has taught various mediums and classes for every age. She currently develops process art curriculum to help foster creativity in unique ways and help adults discover their ability to create.