a culmination of art, emotional intelligence, & team building

A new, refreshing approach to teambuilding and strategy development. We provide a creative, art-based atmosphere for groups seeking to build trust, communication and increased productivity.


I had the opportunity to participate in an Artknowlogy session, and it was amazing! For most of us, participating in the creative process is fun but a bit out of our comfort zone and can stir up a variety of responses. Lee Ann masterfully weaves team building lessons into the process. I learned some things about myself and got to take home a unique piece of art.
— Susan Zartman, Get Healthy with Z

I took a workshop called “finding inspiration” with Raygan and it exceeded all expectations I had about art, art classes or creating art. The first exercise I was so stiff, ridged and stressed about my lines. Then as it continued I viewed the lines I created differently. I wasn’t afraid to make a mistake, I stopped being so controlling and went for it. We tried all different mediums and it helped me warm up my creative mind and find inspiration while creating whatever was in front of me. I wish I could take this workshop again and recommend it to anyone.
— Chiara Paradiso